Lectures and Events

At Art House and other locations in the metropolitan Detroit area Professor Michael Farrell offers illustrated presentations on art and architecture covering a wide range of periods and areas.

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Eliot Heaton

in concert at Art House


Sunday, 20 January 2019 at 2:30 pm

Eliot Heaton, violinist and Michigan Opera Theatre concertmaster, returns to Art House for a program of solo violin sonatas by Bach, Ysaye, and Bartok.

 Experience classical music in an intimate setting

 Cost: $25.00 U.S.

Advance registration required

Click below of printable announcement/registration:

Eliot Heaton Concert, 20 Jan. 2019

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380 South Bates St.   Birmingham, MI 48009

Phone: 248-644-5832

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This 3-part illustrated lecture series will highlight Degas’ intimate portrayals off the subjects with which he was most familiar: family, friends and the opera.

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Full Series: FADIP01 $110

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Degas’ Impressions: Family

Tues, 26 February 2019  7pm  FADIF01 $40

* * * 

Degas’ Impressions: Friends

Tues, 5 March 2019  7pm  FADIN012 $40

* * * 

Degas’ Impressions: L’Opera

Tues, 12 March 2019  7pm  FADIL01 $40

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Registration must be made through The Community House

The Community House

380 South Bates Street

Birmingham, MI 48009

Phone (248) 644-5832


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  1. can you tell me how long each lecture is??

    • The lectures are generally about one to one and one-half hours (1 – 1.5 hours).

  2. My friend and I thoroughly enjoyed your lecture today! We love the way you use humor to make you point and make us think. Looking forward to next week’s lecture and classes in your home soon. We are lucky to have you in Detroit! Sincerely, Dru

    • Looking forward to the Asters Talk in March. Always fun with Michael and his knowledge. He makes it soooo fun.

  3. Does Professor Farrell ever tape his lectures?

    • Unfortunately, and in spite of being asked on more than one occassion, Professor Farrell does not record his lectures and has no plans to.

      • Thank you all the same. I appreciate your reply.

  4. I thought Prof. Farrell said, at the BCH this year, that this series is going to be repeated in Jan, 2013. Is that true?
    Rosemary Reed

    • Professor Farrell has decided to begin the World War I series in the autumn at the Community House, so that he can do all three WWI lecture series’ in Autumn 2013 (Great Britain), Winter 2014 (France) and Spring 2014 (Germany), in order for there to be shorter gaps between the various parts of the trilogy.

      He will be back at the Community House this Spring with a series on Great American Collectors.

  5. I want a ticket to the Thursday, 19 March 2015, 1 pm – Frida Kahlo lecture but cannot get your website to work so I can pay the money. Is there another way to RSVP and pay for my tickets.
    Thank you for your help!

    • Hi Peggy,
      Thank you for your question. We are not set up to accept payments via our website. Unfortunately, the Frida Kahlo lecture on Thursday, 19 March is sold out. Professor Farrell will be repeating this lecture, along with the Rivera and Cincinnati Arts & Artists lecture, at the Downriver Council for the Arts in April. That schedule has also been posted on our website. If you’d like, I can add your address to our email list so that you will receive announcements for our lectures, tours and events as soon as they are made available.

  6. Could you please add me to your email list?
    Thank you

    • Hi Ellen,

      I’ve added your email address to our mailing list so that you will receive announcements of upcoming lectures, tours and events as soon as they are made available. Thank you for your interest, we look forward to seeing you soon!

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